Saturday, December 17, 2011

Supernatural And Death Theory

Okay here's my theory about Death. What if Death is behind everything that has happened on Supernatural? I know a lot of fans think Death is helping Sam and Dean. I don't think he's helped them at all. Death was chained up in hell right along with Lucifer and the other horsemen. Now Death is free to do whatever he wants to. Does he care if The Leviathan destroy the whole planet? When we first saw Death he told Dean that humans meant nothing at all to him and that one day he'd reap God even. Would he care whether every human being was reaped or not? I think Death has been using Dean to further his own goals. It was interesting when Death said in Meet The New Boss that he'd be reaping someone soon. He told the couple not to worry, so there was only Castiel, Bobby, Sam and Dean. Most people probably thought Death meant Castiel, now I wonder if he didn't mean Bobby. I don't think Castiel is dead because he never died with an angel sword and that's supposed to be the only way to kill an angel. I still hope that Bobby is really dead and not in some coma or something. Jim Beaver could still be on the show, but maybe as a memory or a spirit or something like that.
If I think about all the stuff that has happened on Supernatural too much, it drives me crazy because a lot of it does not make sense at all. I try to come up with theories and what not, but most of the time I just try to enjoy the show. The writers it seems just keep plugging along and I think they sometimes forget what they've written in the past. Maybe some of them should go back and watch older episodes or something.
It's funny that Michael is supposedly down in Hell and that's supposed to be a good thing and Death is running around loose when he should be chained up in Hell right along with Lucifer. I still wonder about Michael all the time and I don't think he's in Hell right now. I still wonder if Michael or some of his grace isn't in Sam. I still remember how Lilith tried to kill Sam and so did Samhain and they couldn't. Who or what was protecting Sam and I don't think it was Lucifer or demons? Also, I wonder in Houses Of The Holy if Sam really didn't see an angel and it wasn't just that priest. Usually there is not some bright light that accompanies spirits when they appear. Maybe that priest did know something and was getting instructions from Heaven. It sure is interesting to think about stuff like that.
I've been watching some episodes from season 3 and I do think it's my favorite season of all. There was a lot of good scenes between Sam and Dean and I loved them both so much in that season. I keep watching A Very Supernatural Christmas. That's still one of my favorite all time episodes ever. I could watch it a million times.
I love how some fans went on and on about how Sam has left Dean. How Sam left Dean when he had that broken leg and was so vulnerable. That was a laugh. Dean is a grown man and he cut off his own cast. I loved that. I love how in A Very Supernatural Christmas, young Dean left Sammy by himself in a motel room. Who knows how long Dean was gone and Sam knew nothing about how to defend himself? Then when little Sam was sleeping Dean left him again and went to steal presents. No one brings up that.
Now Sam and Dean are grown men. Sam does not need to be stuck to Dean 24/7. They probably need some time apart or they'd wind up killing each other. I love how Dean always says we when he talks about stuff. We've lost enough. We've been through enough. Who is he talking about? The way he acts is like Sam does not have a brain or a mind of his own or that Sam shares his brain or something. Dean doesn't even know or care what Sam thinks or feels. When does Dean even ask Sam how he feels or what he thinks about anything. Dean just assumes to know everything. That's why I don't like Dean right now. I wish Dean would see Sam as his brother again and not as his problem or someone who should just be there but not have any say in anything. Like Sam should just stand by him and do whatever Dean wants him to. And the way Dean treats Sam like he's stupid and doesn't know anything. Like Dean has to tell him what to do because Sam doesn't know or he's wrong and Dean is right so he tells what's what.
I've been having weird dreams about Supernatural. I dreamt the other night that Jared and Jensen were talking to me and I loved the coat Jensen was wearing but I was too afraid to talk to him. Last night I dreamt that I was at a Supernatural convention on a cruise ship. The funny thing about that is, I never got to see any of the stars from the show. I was doing all kinds of weird things getting ready for the Convention.
I've been trying to read more lately and it's been hard. It seems like the time is just flying by so fast. It seems like the day starts and then I blink my eyes and it's over. I've read some really good books lately and I'm about a third of the way in Modelland. It's a really good book and I may be older, but the main character Tookie reminds me of when I was younger. I am the forgetta girl. I feel like Tookie. I may be an older, fatter, shorter and ugly Tookie, but I'm Tookie.

Before I left the CW message boards I read a few posts and how some posters didn't want to go on Facebook. I love Facebook and I've been on it for years. Sure it's not a message board and it's not like those CW boards, but if you knew some other fans, it wouldn't be bad to get a discussion going on there. I bet some posters do that. I like to leave my comments on the Supernatural page and I love to read other comments. You get a wider audience and shorter answers to how other fans feel about things. I mainly love to play the games on Facebook. I decided to do that instead of posting about the show all the time and fighting with other fans about stuff. I was never trying to make other people feel the same way I did even though I was accused of it. I loved reading different views on certain things instead of all the same old same answers and everyone agreeing with everyone else because they were afraid to say how they really felt about things. Now that the CW boards are gone, I still have Twitter and Facebook. I looked at some message boards and went on the other one that I used to go on and I don't really like how they are set up. It drives me crazy looking at all those pictures and moving pictures and it's hard to read anything between all that crap.
Well this has been long, but I no longer have my quick House to go to. I loved the CW board for that. It was easier to log on and post how fast next to this blog, but oh well.

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